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13 February
Manheim, Pennsylvania, United States
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Hempfield High School - Landisville PA (1990 - 1994)
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania - Edinboro PA (1994 - 2000)
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80's, adf bardic guild, adf dedicant program, adventure, alpha phi omega, amethyst, anime, ar ndraiocht fein, aromatherapy, bach, baking, baltimore pagan pride day, bears, beer, blake, boris vallejo, brewing, camping, cats, celtic music, cherries, clive barker, club orpheus, coffee, cooking, cross stitching, csi: las vegas, david bowie, dragonlance, dragons, druidism, druids, dungeons and dragons, dvorak, elves, embroidery, ethnomusicology, fantasy, farscape, foamy the squirrel, fobia, fraggle rock, futurama, gaelic storm, george r.r. martin, germany, godsmack, goth, green day, harry potter, hawks, heavy metal, herbalism, herbs, hiking, hockey, horses, invader zim, issac bonewits, jack daniels, jennifer connelly, johnny the homicidal maniac, jung, keats, kevin smith, knives, kodaly, labyrinth, leather, led zeppelin, lieders, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, madrigals, marching band, marion zimmer bradley, mary prankster, maryland, maryland renaissance faire, mead, mel brooks, monty python, moulin rouge, mst3k, muppet movie, muppet show, music, music therapy, mythology, naturalism, nature, neil gaiman, nero, nietsche, norse culture, nudism, ohio, opera, pennsylvania, performing, piercings, pink floyd, pizza, poe, poems, poetry, pokemon, queen, raymond feist, reading, red green show, richard bachman, road trips, rob zombie, robert jordan, rolsby, runes, salem, sca, schubert, sci-fi and fantasy books, scotland, scottish love knot, sewing, sex, shakespeare, sigma alpha iota, silver, singing, star trek, star wars, stephen king, system of a down, tattoos, tea, the chieftains, the family guy, the simpsons, tool, trivia, turkey hill, unicorns, ursula le guin, virginia, wilderness, wine, woods, writing, xbox, yeats
I'm living in Lancaster County, PA with my husband, Rolsby, daughter, Eleanor and son, Connor. We have 2 cats: Elly age 12 and Thor age 10.